Friday, 28 February 2014

Monthly Update: 02/14

Hey Guys!

Got a few things to talk about this month.

Shop Location:  How does Weston sound?  We're considering changing our plans slightly by setting up shop in Weston before moving to Bristol.  This is for several reasons: It's cheaper, it's less distance to commute, it's still easily accessible from Bristol, Weston's suprisingly busy in winter months, it'll attract people that need something to do on a rainy day.  Please let me know your thoughts!  Is this something that would put you off coming?  Would you want more monthly events to compensate?

New Computer:  Because I'm a terrible person I've been neglecting this blog in favour of playing with my new computer.  I'd bought several games over the past year or so only for them not to work, so now I can get things like Skyrim in ultra-high graphics that's eaten up a lot of my time.  I also haven't had an awful lot of inspiration for blog posts to write; nothing significant in the world of gaming, no interesting movies (apart from Frozen but not got an awful lot to say on that); it's a bit of a dead time at the moment.  I've also made a conscious decision to stop the Traveller's Guide to Faerun for now in favour of writing more of my book.

Online Trading:  Unfortunately, since moving the Prince's Trust has been less than helpful (as in I haven't heard a thing from them since we moved despite repeated attempts to contact them).  Still, after selling a couple of old high-value games on ebay, I have a little money left over which I'm going to use to start trading under the Rooksburg name on ebay or Amazon.  I'm currently looking for a selection of things that should provide an example of what the shop will be selling, and you will be able to find these for sale online soon- probably start of the fiscal year in April.  Naturally I'm looking at D&D books and specialist boardgames, minis that can be painted and sold, but also some video game things like Skylanders- I feel a lot of gamers are getting drawn into the collectible nature of the game, myself included, and I still believe multiplayer games will have a place in the shop.

Next month:  Expect news of monthly gaming meetups and more details about ebay.

Until then, sayonara.



  1. Hi Daniel, what are your thoughts on the closure of the Vanguard Wargaming shop? Does this have any impact on your plans (for better or for worse)?

  2. Hi Phlyk, it's quite an interesting development that gives cause for consideration. Although Rooksburg's Realm wasn't (and still isn't) going to focus on wargaming, Vanguard was our biggest competitor and I had hoped we'd reach a mutual agreement to direct customers to each other depending on customer's needs. It would be tempting to see their closure as less competition, but the reality is that Vanguard and Cut & Thrust have both closed in a short period of time; this is further cause for concern as to Bristol's viability, most likely caused by the extremely high prices in the city.

    At the moment I think opening in Weston is still our most likely course of action; learn to walk before you run and all that; but we shall see how things go. I'd still like to get into Bristol, but it's extremely unlikely with the start-up funds we'll have.