Friday, 1 November 2013

Monthly Update: 10/13 (with Survey Results!)

Good day!

I know, I know- it's technically 11/13.  I also know there's been little to no activity on here over the past month- it's been busy what with trying to find somewhere to move to and putting up with just about everything going wrong trying to slow us down.

I still plan to move before Christmas (if I can afford it then it will be around Dec 21st), but shortly after my previous post the car decided to die and set me back £300 on what I was expecting to be a £40 fix.  Shortly after that, my wisdom tooth decided to cause me extreme agony so I haven't been at all motivated for writing recently.  This is unlikely to be fixed for another 6 weeks yet, but the pain has subsided enough for me to continue blogging, if only because of friends participating in NaNoWriMo making me feel guilty.

Now for some actual news you may be interested in, rather than reading my sob story- I have results from my survey!  (It's still ongoing, so if you haven't completed it yet then do so now- it only takes 5 minutes! )
Now I can give some sort of definitive answer to what you want from Rooksburg's Realm; here are some of the more interesting results.

A significant majority of you are interested in role-playing games more than Wargames.  Practically no-one wants TCGs.  Over half of you are interested in third-party miniatures and out of print books.
Over three-quarters of you are interested in both types of membership I am currently considering.
You are mostly interested in weekly gaming, and are most likely to want to play on Saturdays.  You are least likely to want to play on Mondays.
Those of you that are interested in painting want non-GW paints more than anything else (specific demand for Vallejo).  There is also some interest in my partner's painting lessons (trust me, she's good!).
It seems that if you're interested in video games, you're interested in everything apart from MMOs.  There is an even divide between those of you interested in video games and those of you who aren't.
Regarding refreshments, there has been an overwhelming demand for sandwiches and significant demand for just about everything else.  Except juice.
Out of all respondents, only 3 people believe there is no demand for this shop/club.  Even better, some of you answered that you would go out of your way to come here from further afield!

Now I know that surveys like this are biased towards the sorts of people willing to complete an online survey, but still this all looks quite promising.  Now I'm confident to reveal my plans a little further... But you can wait till the next update for that ;)

Until then,



  1. May we ask how many responses you had to your survey at the time of making this blog post?

  2. You may indeed ask; At the time of this post I had 50 responses. I have had a few since then, but the overall statistics have stayed the same.