Saturday, 21 September 2013

Monthly Update: 9/13

Greetings all!

Things have been a bit sparse on the blog over the last month, mostly due to Asylum (which was awesome, obviously, and involved an engagement which was nice).  Unfortunately the next month won't be much better due to various courses and viewings and such...  But in shop news I have a very important favour to ask!

Please please please complete this survey:

It will give you some idea of what we want to do, and you can have your say on what features and stock we have.  After all, I want to make sure the shop is stocking games that people want to play!  Remember, every comment is valuable no matter how insignificant it may seem- you could well be pointing out something blindingly obvious that I might have missed!

Now, to flesh out this post a little more, here's a video to recap what went on at Asylum (I make an appearance near the middle... I'm the one kneeling down ;) )

Until next time,



  1. Loving the idea of a gaming shop with a difference,. Just filled out the survey and wondering about the location and how easy parking will be in general along with overall transport access. Is the shop likely to be central or nearish central location or other in Bristol? Will the venue have heating during winter season and fans in the summer when gaming? Is there any consideration about the venue being disabled friendly/accessible as have experienced gaming shops where I missed out on gaming itself & retail opportunities as I was not able to get into one shop itself and in another I managed getting in however it was too difficult to move around within the shop due to stairs/steps etc as no lift was available. Just passing thoughts. Looking forward to seeing what happens

  2. Hi QueeniE, thanks for completing the survey!
    Most of the above I won't really be able to answer until closer to the time, as it depends on prices... that being said, we will definitely be looking to make the place as accommodating as possible- this includes making it disabled-friendly, considerations for allergies, and a generally nice atmosphere. As I have said elsewhere, we will be less 'some guy's basement' and more 'cool friend's studio apartment'.