Thursday, 22 August 2013

Monthly Update: 8/13

Greetings Readers!

As you may have noticed, a logo has been developed and the blog has been revamped to accommodate it.  Aside from that, shop developments are all about potential this month- potential supplier, potential backer, potential new job, potential house to move to... End of the month is when I should have some news about moving, and once we've moved then I'll get to know some of my future customers and hopefully set up a gaming group!  We're looking to move within commuting distance of Bristol and as such the group will probably be based in the city centre, though depending on where we live then it could be based in Weston-Super-Mare, Midsomer Norton, or even Newport.

As for the blog- I've got a few series' of posts on here now, which gives me an idea for what people want to read.  As such I'll endeavour to write more of my more popular posts (Traveller's Guide to Faerun, and Devils Advocate), and I'm going to drop the Doctor Who reviews in favour of more general reviews; I'll be reviewing both films and video games, and I will be tending towards Steampunk and Fantasy themes, though there may well be some completely unrelated things involved as well (one series I'm considering is overanalysis of Disney films, as I love over-extending metaphors).  Once I've established a gaming group I will be looking to review some of the games we play as well, and if we're playing a long-term campaign it's probable I'll be writing an accompaniment on the blog, essentially a novelised version of the game.

So... a fair bit to look forward to; next month will have Asylum coverage and hopefully news on the move as well!

Until next time,


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