Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Monthly Update: 7/13


Unfortunately 'Full steam ahead' is proving slightly more difficult than anticipated, mostly due to the lack of landlords that accept Housing Benefit.  The plan was initially to get a small flat in the Bristol area, where I could then find a job to raise some money ready to move to a slightly bigger/ more convenient flat and save up a bit for the shop; but to do all that Housing Benefit is required just to cover the time spent looking for work.  I thought it would make more sense for landlords to accept Housing Benefit as in a lot of cases it's more reliable than having a job, but apparently there's so much red tape involved and constant changes to the law that it's not worth the landlord's while, especially in a high-demand area like Bristol.  Which is fine.

Now the plan is to find a job first that's willing to wait for me to move closer, which is considerably more difficult, what with the amount of competition that most likely live closer already.  But I will continue on.

The third alternative is I win the lottery and move straight to Bristol and open the shop next month- you never know, it could happen!

Thank you for being patient, and I hope you will stick with us on this journey- once again, any feedback is greatly appreciated.  Currently we are considering the feasibility of running a café element to the shop, so any ideas regarding that will be most welcome.

Until next time,


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