Thursday, 20 June 2013

Monthly Update: 6/13

Greetings all!

This month is the one in which the first real progress has been made towards setting up shop, thanks to the Prince's Trust.

We went on the Explore Enterprise course, in which we were taught all the ins and outs of running a business.  It was a good experience, and has made us much more confident in our abilities and all the more certain that we can actually make this work.  The course consisted of 4 main topics: personal skills and finances, sales and marketing, business finances, and business plans.  Without going in to too much detail, we found the whole thing surprisingly simple- the majority was just common sense, the exception possibly being the various taxes involved.  The course was let down by the fact that the tutors had no idea what we were actually doing (to them a tabletop gaming shop means slot machines), and one of the tutors hadn't done a presentation in 10 years so his presentation was a little unorganised to say the least.  However we learnt a lot of valuable information that will be taking up the majority of our time over the next year or so.

So when it comes to actual progress, we're now all steam ahead on trying to move to Bristol, in the hopes of getting a 6 month tenancy then finding a shop premises that will have living space as well.  In the meantime we have a business plan to be working on, and market research to conduct- hopefully in the form of a gaming event held in Bristol where people can bring some games to play, have a coffee, and generally have a good time, which will help me gauge how much interest there is.  More details on that closer to the time, as I have to discuss things with the Prince's Trust first.

So far, our experience of the Prince's Trust has been a good one and I highly recommend it for anyone thinking of starting a business (under the age of 30).  Lots of information, and although we don't have a mentor yet we're told they're extremely useful in giving advice when needed.  And, of course, there's the loan when you get started.

Until next time,

Daniel 'Rooksburg' van Vliet.

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