Friday, 24 May 2013

Upcoming Doctor Who Reviews

This year celebrates the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, and as such I'm re-watching all the 'new' who and seeing how they match up- and how the John Hurt speculation could fit in.

I was a late comer to Doctor Who.  When it got revived by Russel T Davies I paid no attention- I was vaguely aware of an old program about a man in a long scarf in a sci-fi program, but that didn't
interest me so I didn't watch the new series.  Occasionally I'd catch glimpses on tv, but all I saw was lots of running and loud music.  Eventually I was forced to watch it (some family meal in front of the tv or something), and actually found it to be much more epic than I previously thought- this man was standing up to Satan!  From that moment on I was hooked.  It would be a while before I would watch anything before that point, as the dvds were still far too expensive, but I tuned in every week, and towards the end of RTD's run I joined in all the speculation online.

Before I start the reviews, you will inevitably want to know my views on the showrunners- opinion is very much divided between RTD and Steven Moffat, and often bias will skew any reviews.  Russel T Davies revived the series, and did an ok job though it felt far too silly in places (yes, yes, I know- it's a 'family' show and all that, but there's no excuse for farting aliens).  Steven Moffat is highly praised for the individual episodes he's written during RTD's run, and as show runner he's sliding towards a darker and grander feel but at times it's come off as extremely rushed, like he feels every series needs a 'game-changing' revelation.  I've also been of the opinion that RTD's episodes always felt amazing when they first aired, but on re-watching they're rubbish, compared to Moffat's episodes that lack something at first but re-watching after the series is complete often makes a lot more sense.  In short I much prefer Moffat over RTD, but accept that Moffat has flaws, and often it feels like so much more could have been done.

That's my opinion on the show as a whole, next blog I will start reviewing individual episodes starting with the first episode of series one; Rose.

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